My Billing Philosophy

Attorney billing shouldn’t be confusing or intimidating. It is my mission to ensure that, upon completion of your matter, you have gotten the best value possible for your investment and that you have no unanswered questions about your bill. Further, as a solo practitioner without the need to maintain unnecessary overhead, my billing rates are tailored for you, the individual, rather than for some large corporation with deep pockets. I understand the value of a dollar and will work hard to give you the most value I can for yours.

Flat Rates

For bankruptcy matters and most estate planning matters, I charge a flat rate for my services. For more complex or lengthy matters, if I can estimate the amount of work required, I will find an appropriate flat fee so that you can determine whether the work is affordable for you. Otherwise, if such an estimate is not feasible, I will ask for a retainer based on my hourly rate, with invoiced billings required for further work as that retainer is used.